Body Neutrality – May 2024

If you are not in a good headspace about your body, sometimes the thoughts and actions for embracing body positivity are too exhausting, just that bit too far from the point you are at now. The thought of standing in front of a mirror and gazing into your eyes telling yourself you are beautiful is not something you can even think about, let alone find the energy or enthusiasm to do it multiple times a day.

7 Alternatives to Lingerie – February 2024

Once you have made the huge decision to go for it and booked your body confidence boudoir experience, your next thought will probably be “What should I wear?”

Although most boudoir images you see will likely involve lingerie, it is not the only choice for you. Sexy doesn’t have to mean completely nude, sexy is a range, from a subtle smile, to a cheeky look, a shirt falling off a shoulder through to implied or partial nudity.