7 Alternatives to Lingerie for your Boudoir
or Body Confidence Shoot

Once you have made the huge decision to go for it and booked your body confidence boudoir experience, your next thought will probably be “What should I wear?”

Although most boudoir images you see will likely involve lingerie, it is not the only choice for you. Sexy doesn’t have to mean completely nude, sexy is a range, from a subtle smile, to a cheeky look, a shirt falling off a shoulder through to implied or partial nudity.

The great thing about a boudoir experience is that you get to choose your own type of sexy based on how comfortable you feel during your session. A boudoir photoshoot puts you in a vulnerable space. Most of us don’t get undressed in front of someone we don’t know with a camera every day, so you will naturally be a little apprehensive at the start of your session. In my experience, the more I know about you and what you want from your session, the more comfortable you will be, and the more amazing your final images will turn out. If you are not comfortable in sky high heels and a thong – don’t wear them! You choose your style and I will work with you to create images that complement that.

Although lingerie is the most popular choice for a boudoir photography session, there are many alternatives which will result in images just as stunning as lingerie shots. Whether you are less of a girly girl and more of a comfy girl, or just want some ideas for your photo shoot, we have something for you on our list!

  1. A classic white shirt

    Crisp, white and oversized, white shirts are a timeless addition to your session. You can cover up a little more, and tease a shoulder or show off your silhouette through the shirt without showing everything.

  2. A vest and comfy knickers

    With lounge wear becoming more of a style, there are some lovely vests or camisole and knicker sets around. They evoke a relaxed Sunday morning vibe and are always a cute choice. Pair this look with our lifestyle sets and it creates a magazine worthy session.

  3. A sheet

    Sheets are amazing for highlighting the parts you love and covering those you don’t. They can be cotton or silk and come in a variety of colours, and when draped around your body they give a Hollywood glamour vibe.

  4. A dress

    If you have some amazing dresses or outfits that you just don’t get the chance to wear often, now is the time! Pair with your most fabulous shoes and accessories for Oscar style images.

  5. Cos play or character inspired outfit

    Hear me out! This one is a bit out of the box, but the important thing is that you feel confident in what you are wearing at your session, maybe it’s a Jessica Rabbit inspired look, pin up style, a ringmaster, can-can or burlesque – if you love it, wear it!

  6. Sports Kit

    If you have a love of a particular team, whether football, rugby or something else, why not bring the kit to your session? You can pair it with sports socks or other team accessories and really embrace your passion for sports.

  7. Classic blue jeans

    A staple of the fashion shoots, classic jeans are perfect if you want to feel a little more covered. With a Levi style theme, you can go topless, or wear your favourite shirt on top. Classic white t-shirts will also complement this look for some portraits you will be proud to display in your home.

“it is about you and what makes you feel sexy and confident”

You don’t have to limit yourself to lingerie at your boudoir session, it is about you and what makes you feel sexy and confident. All experiences at Boudoir with Personality have a style consultation included, where we will chat through any questions you have and you can show me any outfits and inspiration looks so that I can plan your session perfectly for you.

If you want to boost your body confidence and find out more, book your free chat with me here OR download my free introduction brochure here.

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